Programs & Services

  • Available at all 8 school sites:

     RSP: Resource Specialist Program (TK – 6th grade)

     LAS: Language and Speech (Preschool – 6th grade)

     APE: Adapted Physical Education (Preschool – 6th grade)

     OT: Occupational Therapy (Preschool – 6th grade)

     Health Services: School Nurse

     Audiological Services

     School Psychologist


    Special Day Classes (SDC) available at individual school sites: 



      Special Programs

      Canyon Springs

      1 SDC-LH, 2 SDC-ACE, 1 SDC-DHH*

      Fair Oaks Ranch   3 SDC-LH

      Golden Oak


      Leona Cox

      3 SDC-CH, 1 SDC-ACE, 2 SDC-AUT,

      Early Learners Program

      Mint Canyon

      3 SDC-LH


      3 SDC-LH


      2 SDC-LH

      Sulphur Springs

      1 SDC-AUT, 1 SDC-LH

      Valley View

      3 SDC-OH*, 3 SDC-MUL*

    * Regional Program: Programs operated by SSSD for Castaic, Newhall, Saugus, and Sulphur Springs District residents.

    Additionally, regional DHH Itinerant and OH Itinerant services are provided by SSSD to all eligible students throughout the Santa Clarita Valley.

     LAS = Language and Speech

     RSP = Resource Specialist Program

     SDC = Special Day Class

     LH = Learning Handicapped

     ACE = Alternate Curriculum Ed.

     DHH = Deaf/Hard of Hearing

     OH = Orthopedically Handicapped

     MUL = Multiple Disabilities /

               Medically Fragile