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    Dear Parent or Guardian:

    Your child is participating in the online Summer Curriculum Correspondence Program from July 6 - 24, 2020. The online programs that your child will work on for the Summer Curriculum Correspondence Program are Think Central, Benchmark Education, Brainpop, Prodigy, Imagine Learning, and Code.org.

    On this page is a calendar that outlines the daily activities that need to be completed during this three week program and a login instruction sheet to assist in accessing the available programs. Your child can check off each activity on the calendar as it is completed. On some days one activity may be reading a fun book instead of accessing a program on Clever.

    If your child has problems logging onto Clever, please access the Summer Curriculum Correspondence FAQ for help with frequently asked questions and contact information.


    Happy Learning! 


    Dr. Jezelle Fullwood
    Assistant Superintendent, Educational Services

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