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    Sulphur Springs Union School District

    27000 Weyerhaeuser Way Canyon Country, CA 91351 (661) 252-5131

    Request for Statement of Qualifications and Proposals for Architectural Services October 10, 2018

    Statement of Interest:      5:00 PM on October 16, 2108

    Deadline for Responses: 3:00 PM on November 2, 2018

    Request for Statement of Qualifications and Proposals for Architectural Services

    The Sulphur Springs Union School District is seeking Statements of Qualification (SOQ) and Proposals from qualified architectural firms to provide architectural and engineering services related to three proposed classroom building projects, one at each of the following elementary school campuses:

    1.          Sulphur Springs Community School
    2.          Pinetree Community School
    3.          Mitchell Community School

    The District is seeking a firm that can provide a scalable design that can be used at all three elementary school sites (Re-Use of Plans) and can be constructed using either traditional construction methods or pre-engineered, modular construction. Firms that choose to respond should identify relevant experience and examples of similar projects that have been completed in California.

    Qualified firms are invited to submit an original plus five (5) copies of their SOQ and Proposal consistent with the requirements set forth in this Request for SOQ and Proposals in a sealed envelope no later than 3:00 PM on Friday, November 2, 2018, to the following address:

    Sulphur Springs Union School District

    c/o Dr. Catherine Kawaguchi, Superintendent 27000 Weyerhaeuser Way

    Canyon Country, CA 91351

    The Sulphur Springs Union School District intends to make a recommendation to the Board of Trustees at a regularly scheduled meeting to select one firm to provide the architectural services described above for all three projects. The services shall include all design and engineering services required to secure Division of State Architect (DSA) approval, bidding and construction of the three projects. However, the District reserves the right to cancel the request or reject all proposals, in part or in their entirety, should it deem it to be in the best interest of the District.

    Firms submitting a SOQ and Proposal are directed not to make personal contact with any member of the Board of Trustees or any staff member not otherwise permitted by this Request for SOQs and Proposals. Any and all inquiries must be in writing and shall be directed to Dr. Catherine Kawaguchi at ckawaguchi@sssd.k12.ca.us with a copy to Yuri Calderon at ycalderon@millercalderon.com. Responses to inquiries will be distributed to all interested parties.


    All SOQ and Proposals received after 3:00 PM, November 2, 2018, shall be rejected and returned to the firm unopened.

    Any firm interested in participating in the selection process must submit a statement of interest by no later than October 16, 2018. The statement of interest must identify a primary contact for all communications and an authorized representative of the firm that will sign the contract on behalf of the firm if awarded the contract.

    The selection of a firm will be based on demonstrated competencies in similar projects for California public elementary school districts. The District will be relying on the following criteria, in no particular order, in making its selection:

    1.          Responsiveness of the SOQ and Proposal;
    2.          The qualifications of the firm and its individual team members, including qualifications, training, education and relevant experience;
    3.          Experience with similar Re-Use of Plans with classroom building projects
    4.          Project Approach, including the techniques, procedures and tools used in similar projects throughout California;
    5.          Experience with both traditional school construction methods and with pre-engineered or modular construction;
    6.          Demonstrated flexibility for working with District staff and the Construction Team;
    7.          Any other criteria deemed relevant to the selection.

    We look forward to receiving and reviewing your Statement of Qualification and Proposal.

    Dr. Catherine Kawaguchi Superintendent

    Sulphur Springs Union School District

    Selection Process Timeline*:

    Request for Statement of Qualifications:              October 10, 2018 Statement of Interest:       October 16, 2018

    SOQ and Proposals Due:                                    November 2, 2018 Evaluation of Written Proposals: November 5-7, 2018 Interviews of Finalist Firms:                               November 8-9, 2018 Recommendation to Board of Trustees: November 14, 2018

    * The District reserves the right to modify this timeline as needed.


    Request for Statement of Qualifications and Proposals

    1.          Cover Letter: Provide a cover letter expressing the following:
    1. Interest in entering into a contract with the District;
    2. A brief history of the firm;
    3. The structure of the firm and the representatives that are authorized to sign and/or make decisions on its behalf;
    4. A statement that, if selected, the firm will comply with all applicable state and federal laws, rules, regulations and requirements now in effect and those that shall be in effect during the period of the contract; and,
    5. An affirmation that the firm and/or its members have not engaged in any collusion, price fixing or inappropriate contacts with District staff or Trustees during the selection process;
    1.          Contact Information: Identify the name of the individual that will be the contact person for the firm during the selection process. All communications, e-mail or otherwise shall be to/from this individual only for purposes of the selection process. If different, identify the individual that will be the lead Architect for the project. The identified individual must be a licensed/registered architect with the State of California. For each individual identified in this section, include name, address, contact telephone numbers, electronic mail addresses and relationship to and history with the firm. If the firm has a website, include the website address.
    2.          Key Personnel: Identify the key personnel that will be assigned to the project. Include a resume of each such individual that highlights experience with California public school district experience. Please also identify the professional specialty consultants that you will be using for this project (Structural Engineer, Mechanical Plumbing & Electrical Engineer, Landscaping Consultant, etc.). If successful, the firm may modify these upon execution of the contact with the consent of the District.
    3.          Proof of Liability and E&O Insurance: Specify limits on the following insurances:
    1. Professional malpractice
    2. Workers Compensation
    3. Automobile Policy
    4. General E&O Coverage

           5.   California School District Experience: Identify similar experience performing architectural and engineering services for California elementary school districts. Include any projects where the firm has worked with a district designing a flexible, scalable classroom building design that was intended to serve as a District standard for future classroom buildings in the District. For each project, provide the following:

    1. Date approved by DSA
    2.  Number of times building has been replicated
    3. Estimated Budget or Final Construction Cost
    4. Classroom square footage and total building square footage
    5. A representation of the classroom layout/design for the building on an 8 X 10 or 11 X 17 sheet of paper
    6. Indication whether project was funded by the State Facilities Program

    If no experience with Re-Use of Plans in California, submit a classroom building design that you have completed that you believe would work well for the desired concept. Also provide a narrative description of why your firm would be a good fit for this type of project.

    The District prefers that the interested firm select projects that have been completed in the last seven (7) years.

    1.          Experience with Pre-Engineered/Modular Design & Construction:  The District may or may not be utilizing pre-engineered or modular construction for the construction of the classroom buildings. Describe the firms experience with pre-engineered and modular construction products, including the same details provided above in response to question number 5.
    2.          References: Provide a list of three school district references that the District may contact for information on your firm related to projects completed for that district. For each include the name of the district, the name of the contact person at a director or high level and a telephone number where that individual may be reached.
    3.          Proposals: Provide a proposal for the services described above that includes (1) the development of a standardized design for the District (2) site designs for each school site and (3) any modification to the proposal should the district proceed with a pre-engineered product for the construction. For purposes of your proposal, utilize the following assumptions:
    1. Standardized design should include a scalable building that can accommodate 4, 6 or 8 classrooms (“Pods”) depending on availability of space and the needs of the campus;
    2. In addition to the classrooms, each pod would have common collaboration space;
    3. Pods could accommodate additional restrooms should the campus require them;
    4. Pinetree Community School: 10 Classrooms;
    5. Sulphur Springs Community School: 12 Classrooms;
    6. Mitchell Community School: 12-14 Classrooms;
    7. Each individual project will require some utility infrastructure improvements

    9. Include any additional information you believe would assist the District in making its decision to select the firm best suited to support the District with these projects.